Keurig K-Café Special Edition Coffee, Latte & Cappuccino Maker K84

Best Combo Coffee Makers(2022)-Several types of coffee in one machine

The best combination coffee makers are those that can mix and make different types of coffee in one machine. That is the best way to enjoy more when making a cup for yourself, for your family, or even just your guests when visiting. In addition, these machines come with very many other features, but I will get into them as we go forward.

A combo coffee machine produces coffee and tea as well as hot chocolate or a warm beverage. For example, you can make a latte with different types of coffee beans to give it a different taste. Also, the other widely available feature is that you can use the same machine to make different types of teas. A single machine saves on space and lets you enjoy several types of coffee at once. How to know what the best combo coffee maker is?

We have listed the top 10 best combination coffee makers(2022) based on their performance and features. All these ranges of coffee makers(2022) are available in the market with huge discounts on them.

Top Combo Coffee Makers 2022

Keurig K-Café Special Edition Coffee, Latte & Cappuccino Maker K84


  • Brews a variety of drinks including coffee and latte with the touch of a button
  • Brews up to 30 oz. of coffee in under 1 minute
  • Hot water on demand for tea, soup, and hot chocolate
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Brews any K-Cup, K-Carafe, or K-Mug pod size
  • 120V/60Hz/1.2A

If you’re a coffee drinker, chances are you already own a Keurig coffee maker. But if you don’t, or if your existing model is on its last legs, the Keurig K-Café Special Edition Coffee, Latte & Cappuccino Maker (K84) is an attractive option.

This model has all of the same basic features as other Keurigs, including a built-in water reservoir for easy refilling and cooled coffee dispensing. But it also has some nice extras that make it stand out from the crowd. First off, it’s much smaller and easier to store than most other Keurig models. That makes it a great choice for small spaces like apartments and dorm rooms. And second, it has a special feature that makes it especially appealing to coffee lovers: It can be used with any pod type and size to produce any type of coffee beverage. So if you only drink decaf or want to experiment with lattes or cappuccinos, this one is the way to go.

The Keurig K-Café Special Edition Coffee, Latte & Cappuccino Maker is available in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find one that fits your decor.

It’s also an affordable model, so it’s a great choice if you can’t afford to upgrade your whole kitchen. And finally, it comes with a one-year warranty, which shows that Keurig believes in the quality of this model. If you’re looking for a smaller, cheaper, and easier-to-use Keurig, this one might be the one for you.

The Keurig K-Café Special Edition Coffee, Latte & Cappuccino Maker includes several features that make it stand out from other machines in its price range.

The following are some of the standout features:

  • Single-serve coffee maker — With this machine, you can brew a single cup of coffee at a time. The machine uses pods filled with ground coffee or other ingredients like hot chocolate mix or tea bags. This allows you to choose your preferred drink without having to buy large quantities at once. You can also choose from an impressive variety of drinks that include everything from regular coffee and espresso to cappuccinos and lattes.
  • Milk frother — This device lets you froth milk for added richness when making your favorite beverages such as lattes and cappuccinos. It comes with two pods that contain
  • 15 oz. removable water reservoir with visible blue water line for accurate filling and easy cleaning
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning; removable filter basket for easy filling and cleaning
  • Hot Water Button – A convenient button allows you to get hot water without having to brew another cup of coffee or tea.
  • Freshness Timer – A 60-second timer lets you know when your beverage is ready to enjoy.
  • Strength Control – Choose from five different strength settings to customize your cup of joe


1. This coffee maker allows you to make a variety of drinks including lattes and cappuccinos.

2. It has an auto-off feature which is a great safety feature if you are busy in the kitchen and forgets about your coffee maker.

3. It is easy to clean as there are no hidden crevices or parts that need to be cleaned out regularly as other coffee makers do.


1. This is not a large-capacity coffee machine so you cannot make large amounts at once unless you want to wait for each cup to brew separately.

keurig combination coffee machinr


•Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and more

•Brews into a 12 oz. cup in under one minute

•Holds up to 18 K-Cup pods for the entire day

•Includes a My K-cup reusable filter for your favorite ground coffee

•Durable, dishwasher-safe K-Latte mug with soft-grip handle

Keurig K-Latte Single-Serve K-36 is a great way to start your day. With the Keurig K-Latte Single-Serve K-36, you can brew a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in minutes. It is easy to use and clean-up is simple, making it a great addition to any kitchen.

The Keurig K-Latte Single-Serve K-36 has an auto shut-off feature that turns off the machine after two hours of nonuse. This keeps your coffee safe and prevents any damage from occurring in your home.

This machine also comes with an extra filter for when you need some extra coffee or hot chocolate for a party or get-together with friends and family.

The Keurig K-Latte Single-Serve K-36 has a 60oz water tank so you can brew up to 5 cups of coffee or hot chocolate. The Keurig K-Latte Single-Serve K-36 also comes with a thermal carafe that keeps your coffee or hot chocolate warm for hours.

Mr. Coffee All-in-One Occasions Specialty Pods Coffee Maker



  • A large capacity water tank holds up to 10 cups of water, ideal for large families or entertaining guests
  • Double-wall insulated thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for hours
  • Automatic shutoff prevents overfilling and leaking
  • Adjustable brew strength selector allows you to choose from regular, bold or 1-4 cups setting
  • Easy access brew basket for quick cleanup

Mr. Coffee Occasions Coffee and Espresso System 2092271 is a single-cup coffeemaker that offers you the freedom to brew your favorite coffee with ease.

This product comes with a built-in milk frother that allows you to prepare barista-style lattes and cappuccinos at home. It has a 24-ounce water reservoir and a glass carafe that can keep up to 12 ounces of coffee warm for hours.

The removable drip tray allows you to easily clean the machine without having to disassemble it, while the automatic shutoff feature helps save energy by turning off the device when not in use.

The product comes with two coffee filters that can be used to prepare regular or specialty coffees, so you don’t have to buy them separately.

The one-touch control panel makes it easy for you to adjust the settings for your preferred coffee strength and more.

The device is easy to use and doesn’t require much knowledge of coffee machines. It also has a steam wand that makes it easier to froth milk for cappuccinos and lattes.

The machine is on the more expensive side, but it offers you more control over your coffee strength.

The Mr. Coffee Occasions Coffee and Espresso System 2092271 comes with a two-year warranty on parts and labor, which means you can get it repaired or replaced if needed within this period of time.


  • This coffee maker is very easy to use, with a simple one-touch feature for brewing coffee and espresso.
  • It has a removable water tank that is easy to fill with just one hand.
  • You can make both your favorite coffees and espresso using this machine.


  • The design of this product is not very attractive, so it may not be suitable for those who want their kitchen appliances to look good as well as work well.
combo coffee maker


  • Easy one-button operation.
  • Built-in grinder to make fresh coffee.
  • Powerful, high-pressure pump technology.
  • Aeroccino milk frother for creamy milk and hot chocolate.
  • Compact, space-saving design.

Nespresso by DeLonghi Lattissima One Espresso Maker EN500BW/W is a convenient, user-friendly, and easy-to-use coffee machine.

This Nespresso machine features a unique brewing system that uses the patented “Capsule System” to produce a perfect cup of espresso with just one touch.

The capsule system is designed to work with all Nespresso compatible capsules for a variety of different flavors and blends.

The Nespresso Lattissima One Espresso Maker is a compact machine that can fit almost anywhere, which makes it a perfect option for those with limited space.

It has a modern and sleek design that looks great in any kitchen or home. You can choose from three different colors: black, red, or white.

The brewing part of this Nespresso system is based on the patented “capsule” technology which allows you to use both pre-filled capsules and ground coffee beans.

The grinding is done by an integrated motor, and the capsule is inserted into a stainless steel container that can hold up to 14 used capsules. You can select either short or long coffee via two buttons on the front of the machine.

The Nespresso Lattissima One has a 19-bar pressure pump which ensures that you get high-quality coffee every time. The system also features an automatic shut-off function for when you forget to turn it off yourself.

This model also comes with a removable water tank that makes it easy to fill up and clean out. It also has an auto-off feature that will turn off the machine after 9 minutes of inactivity to save energy and prolong the life of your machine. With its sleek stainless steel design and chrome accents, this espresso maker will look great in any kitchen!


  • Very easy to use, just insert a pod and press the button.
  • Makes great-tasting espresso.
  • Easy to clean up after.


  • The pods are expensive, but they do make great coffee!
ninja combo coffee machine


  • Compact countertop design with a built-in frother
  • 1 programmable beverage button for hot drinks and 2 programmable beverage buttons for cold drinks
  • Hot (199°F) and cold brew (55°F) settings let you customize your drink
  • Coffee strength control allows you to make your coffee any way you like it
  • Auto-pouring carafe with a lid that doubles as a travel mug make serving your coffee simple and easy

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP307 is a programmable coffee maker designed to brew both hot and cold drinks. It also comes with a built-in frother that can be used to prepare hot or cold milk for your favorite latte, cappuccino, or macchiato.

This Ninja coffee maker can be used to prepare coffee, tea, hot chocolate, iced drinks, smoothies, and more. The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP307 have a variety of features that make it easy to use. With the touch of a button, you can choose from 5 different brew sizes.

It comes with a reusable filter and has 6 different brewing options including Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Specialty, and Cold Brew. The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP307 is designed to be easy to use and clean. You can also program it to turn on or off at specific times.

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP307 is a versatile coffee maker that can make both hot and cold drinks. It has 6 different brewing options including Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Specialty, and Cold Brew. You can also program it to turn on or off at specific times.

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP307 is a versatile coffee maker that can make both hot and cold drinks. It has 6 different brewing options including Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Specialty and Cold Brew. You can also program it to turn on or off at specific times.

The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP307 from Ninja is an innovative countertop appliance that lets you make delicious hot or cold-brewed coffee at home.

The compact design fits easily on your countertop, while the removable brewing basket makes brewing easy. The hot brew setting automatically adjusts water temperature to the ideal level so you can enjoy the full flavor of your favorite beans.

The cold brew setting uses a special filter basket to steep grounds in room temperature water for 24 hours, resulting in a smooth, richly flavored cup of coffee without bitterness or acidity.

A 2-button programming system makes it easy to select either hot or cold beverages, while an auto-pouring carafe with lid lets you serve up drinks in seconds without having to lift a finger.


  • Can make both hot and cold drinks.
  •  Can make tea or other types of drinks besides coffee.
  • The water tank is removable.
  •  It has the option to use a reusable filter or a paper one.
  •  Has easy-to-read touch screen buttons for different brew sizes.


  • Is expensive compared to other coffee makers.
  • The water tank is small and needs to be refilled often. – Some of the brewing options take a long time.
Ninja CM401 Specialty 10-Cup Coffee Maker


  • This is a fully automatic coffee maker. You don’t have to worry about anything else other than pressing one button and your drink will be ready.
  • It has an LCD display which makes it easy for you to choose your favorite drink. The display shows all types of drinks and their brewing time.
  • The Ninja Specialty CM401 coffee maker has a feature called an auto-pulse brewing system which helps in getting the right amount of water in every cup that you want to make. You don’t have to worry about making too much or too less water while making your drink because it takes care of everything by itself.
  • The Ninja Specialty CM401 comes with a removable filter basket which makes cleaning very easy for you because all you need to do is remove it and wash it with warm water and soap, then rinse it well with clean water before putting it back again on its place where it belongs after removing all dirt from its surface.

Ninja Specialty CM401 coffee maker is a specialty coffee maker that’s designed to make your morning cup of joe. It comes with a built-in grinder, so you don’t have to worry about getting up early or using an external grinder. The Ninja Specialty CM401 has a 1-liter capacity, so you can make enough coffee for the whole family. The carafe is double-walled stainless steel, which helps keep your coffee hot for longer periods of time.

The Ninja Specialty CM401 has an adjustable 18-bar pump pressure for optimal extraction. You can choose between regular and bold brew settings, depending on your preference. The machine also comes with an auto shut-off feature after 2 hours of idle time, which ensures that it won’t waste energy while not in use.

The Ninja Specialty CM401 coffee maker has several features that make it stand out from other comparable products on the market today:

Built-In Grinder – makes grinding beans much easier than hand grinding them yourself

Adjustable 18 Bar Pump Pressure – gives you more control over how strong or weak you want your coffee to be.


  • The Ninja Specialty CM401 coffee maker is a high-end product by Ninja. It offers all the features of a premium coffee maker and has some unique features that make it stand out from the crowd.
  • Its main advantage is its ability to brew multiple cups at once, which can be useful for large families or for those who have guests over often. The machine also has a timer function so you can program it to start brewing whenever you want, which is great for those who like to drink their coffee first thing in the morning but don’t want to wake up before their alarm goes off.
  • Another great feature of this machine is its large capacity water tank, which means you won’t have to refill it every time you want a cup of coffee or tea. This saves both time and effort because you won’t have to keep running back and forth between the kitchen sink and your countertop while making your drink.



  • The biggest drawback of this machine is that it doesn’t come with pre-brewing options like some other models do. 

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How To Choose The Best Combo Coffee Maker For you?

When you’re ready to buy your first combination coffee maker, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, Everything You need to do before buying a combination coffee maker is to check what type of coffee maker will work with your other kitchen appliances and then match it with the right model.

There are many different combinations available so it’s important to understand what those options offer. Read this article to learn more about the ins and outs of buying a combination coffee Maker.

Second, note that not all models make good combinations. You can check our top picks by reading this article. Lastly, keep in mind that not all brands manufacture combination coffee makers for every brand, so that’s another thing to take into account before making your final decision.

Check if the coffee maker you want is available in combo models

The first thing you should do is check if the coffee maker you want is available in combo models. The reason for this is simple if the model is available in combo models you’ll be able to use it with other kitchen appliances such as a slow cooker or an induction cooktop. And as we all know, these types of appliances work best when combined with a coffee maker. So check first if the coffee maker you want has this feature, and then go from there.

Read the Features and Specifications of a Combination Coffee Maker

The next thing you should do is read the features and specifications of a combination coffee maker. This will give you an idea of what the coffee maker offers, what type of coffee it makes, and more.

What you should keep in mind is that not all combination coffee makers are created equal. So while reading the features and specifications you should also look at the reviews of other coffee makers to get a better idea of how they perform.

There’s no point in buying a combination coffee maker that doesn’t match your needs as there are plenty of combination coffee makers available out there. And you can tell which one is right for you by reading the features and specifications of the coffee maker.

Decide If You Need a Self-Cleaning Coffee Maker or Not

The next thing you should keep in mind is if you need a self-cleaning coffee maker or not. And the answer to this is simple, it depends. If you make a lot of coffee and are ready to clean the machine after each use, a self-cleaning coffee maker is for you.

Self-cleaning coffee makers have a filter basket that is removable for easy cleaning. So you’ll be able to remove the basket, rinse it, and then re-insert it to make your next cup of coffee. If you don’t make a lot of coffee and are only interested in the look and feel of a self-cleaning coffee maker, then you don’t need to get one. If you’re not ready to clean your coffee maker after each use, you can skip this feature.

Summing up

When it comes to buying a combination coffee maker, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you need to choose a model that has the right look and feel for your kitchen. Second, you need to check if the model is available in combo models.

Third, you need to read the features and specifications of a combination coffee maker. And lastly, you need to decide if you need a self-cleaning coffee maker or not. With these things in mind, you can buy your first combination, a coffee maker.


Combination Coffee Makers-All Answers To The Most Questions:

Can you make drip coffee in a combination coffee maker?

Yes, you can make drip coffee in a combination machine. However, some models have limitations on how much water they can use at once. If your model has this limitation, it will be listed on the box or manual.

How do I use a combination coffee maker?

The process of making coffee with a combination machine differs slightly from standard drip brewing methods. Here’s how:

Turn on the machine and wait for it to heat up (about 5 minutes). Place an empty cup under the spout and push down gently until you hear water dripping into your cup (about 5 seconds). When you’re done making coffee, turn off the machine immediately so that no more water will flow out of it accidentally when there is no more room in your cup!

Can you make espresso in a combination coffee maker?

Yes, you can make espresso in a combination coffee maker. However, this is not recommended.

Some combination coffee makers come with a separate water tank and drip tray that can be removed from the main unit. If this is the case, it’s possible to use the unit as an espresso machine by just removing these parts.

However, most combination coffee makers are designed to brew coffee at the same time as they steam milk and froth it, so there’s no way to make espresso without potentially affecting the taste of your drinks.

What’s the difference between an Espresso machine and a combination coffee maker?

The main difference between an espresso machine and a combination coffee maker is that the espresso machine doesn’t make drip coffee. It’s a small appliance that allows you to make espresso-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

The combination coffee maker makes both drip coffee and espresso-based drinks like lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and other specialty coffees. It has a built-in grinder so it can make whole bean coffee as well as pre-ground coffee.

Espresso machines come in many different sizes but most range from about 10 inches tall to about 16 inches tall. They’re often rectangular or square in shape but some are round or oval-shaped just like your regular drip brewer is shaped.

Some are designed to look like traditional Italian coffee makers with a brass finish and chrome accents. Others are more modern looking with stainless steel finishes and digital controls on the front panel as well as LCD screens on some models so you can see what settings you’ve chosen while making your drink.

Combination Coffee Makers are usually around 14 inches tall which makes them taller than most traditional drip brewers but shorter than most espresso machines which tend to be taller because they have steam wands attached.

Types Of Combination Coffee Makers

There are two main types of combination coffee makers:

Single-boiler machines – these machines have one boiler that heats water for both brewing and steaming. They don’t always heat up fast enough to do both at once so you might have to wait until it’s hot enough before making your drink. These machines also tend to be less expensive than dual-boiler machines.

Dual-boiler machines – these machines have two separate boilers for brewing and steaming so you don’t have to wait for it to heat up before making your drink. They’re more expensive but they’re also faster and more efficient than single-boiler machines

What are the benefits of a combination coffee maker?

There are many benefits to a combination coffee maker.

The first benefit is that they can help you make different types of coffee in one machine. Whether you like your coffee strong or weak, you can make it as strong or weak as you want with a combination coffee maker. Most of these machines have a dial that allows you to change the strength of your coffee by simply turning it up or down.

Another benefit is that they are quite affordable compared to other types of coffee makers on the market. This means that if you are looking for a new model and don’t want to spend too much money on one, then combining two different types in one machine could be perfect for you.

These machines also tend to be very easy to clean due to their design which makes them convenient for anyone who doesn’t have much time on their hands but still wants their morning cup of joe!

Do combination coffee makers use regular coffee or specialty types of ground coffee?

Combination coffee makers are for people who want to brew a wide variety of beverages, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate and more. They usually have a built-in grinder and water reservoir. The grinder is used to grind the beans before brewing, giving you the freshest cup possible.

Most combination coffee makers use a standard filter basket that fits in the machine’s filter holder to brew regular-sized cups of coffee.

Some models require you to use their proprietary filters, which may be less convenient than using regular ones because they’re not as readily available at most stores. Other models allow you to use reusable filter baskets with a permanent filter inserted inside them.

Although you can use any type of ground coffee in these machines, we recommend using freshly ground beans for maximum flavor extraction and aroma when brewing your favorite blend.

Does it take longer to brew espresso than regular coffee?

Yes, it does. But many people consider that time well spent. The process of making espresso is the same as making drip coffee, but it takes longer. Espresso machines use pressure to produce a cup of espresso in 30 to 45 seconds, while drip makers take about 4 minutes.

With an espresso machine, you’re brewing one serving at a time. You’ll also have more flexibility in choosing what goes into your drink — if you want cream and sugar with your coffee, you can do that with an espresso machine, too.

If you’re looking for a quick cup of joe, stick with your regular drip machine or instant coffee packets

How do I clean my combination, coffee maker?

Cleaning your automatic drip coffee maker can be a daunting task. With all of the components that need to be removed and cleaned, it can seem like an impossible task. However, there are some simple steps you can follow to make cleaning your machine easier.

The first step is to unplug the appliance from the wall and allow it to cool completely before you begin cleaning. This will prevent any burns or injuries while working on the machine. You also want to remove any water or coffee still in the unit before removing any parts as this will help prevent spills and messes during cleaning.

Start by cleaning around the outer edges of the appliance with warm soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge. Then use a small brush to scrub away any grime from around the body of your machine where it has collected over time. If there are stubborn spots that won’t come off with just wiping them down with soap and water then try using an abrasive cleaner such as Barkeeper’s Friend or Comet Cleanser which can be found at most grocery stores or Walmart for under $5 per bottle. Be sure not to use anything too harsh as these chemicals may damage plastic parts inside your coffee maker if

Why are some combo coffee makers more expensive than similar-looking ones?

The first thing to know is that most combo coffee makers are made in China. The second thing to know is that some of them are more expensive than similar looking ones. Why? Because they’re better!

One of the biggest differences between a low-end and a high-end model is the quality of components used. A cheap machine might have plastic parts that break easily and can’t be replaced. It could also have an aluminum carafe that gets too hot or burns coffee if you leave it on the burner too long (this happened to me with my first coffee maker). A high-quality model will use stainless steel or glass instead of plastic, making it easier to clean and safer to use every day.

Another difference between low-end and high-end models is how each one brews coffee. A cheap model might use a heating plate instead of a heating element, which means it won’t heat water as quickly or evenly as an element would. That’s why many people say their cheap coffee tastes burnt or sour compared to what they get from their high-end model.

Are combo machines worth it?

Combo machines are a great option for those who love to drink coffee but don’t always have time to make it. These machines can brew a cup of coffee, a travel mug, or even an entire carafe.

Some are designed as countertop units where you can plug them in and then add water when you’re ready to brew. Others are models that can be used with batteries or by plugging them into your car’s cigarette lighter.

If the idea of using a combo machine sounds interesting to you, read on to learn more about how they work and which brands we recommend.


A combo machine can be a great addition to your kitchen. While they’re not as good at brewing either coffee or tea as standalone brewers, they can give you a good cup of both with minimal effort. Plus, if you don’t drink much coffee or tea on a daily basis, it may be easier to use the same machine for both drinks than to have two machines taking up counter space.


A Complete Guide on How to Choose the Right Coffee Maker for You

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